Wake Up On Time. Remember Appointments and Events.

Snoozester provides hotel-style wake up calls and convenient phone reminders.

Schedule wake up calls and reminders online and receive them on your phone.
Wake Up Calls
Great for heavy sleepers - Choose 'SecureAwake' when scheduling your call and we will attempt to call you every few minutes until you answer the phone and acknowledge that you are awake.
Fun - Every wake up call comes with your choice of Snoozester character - a friendly voice to wake you up.
Remember Appointments with Reminder Calls
Reminder Calls - Snoozester will call you and read your reminder to you over the phone using text-to-speech.
Reminder Text Messages - Snoozester will send an SMS text message to your mobile phone with the text of the reminder.
Wake Up / Reminder Call Benefits - Works with any phone
Works with any phone - You can receive Snoozester wake up calls and reminders on your landline or mobile phone - anytime, anywhere.
Wake Up / Reminder Call Benefits - SaaS
No software - You don't have to download or install any special programs or apps to use Snoozester.
Wake Up / Reminder Call Service Benefits - reliable
Reliable - Snoozester has delivered millions of scheduled wake up calls and reminders to our satisfied customers since 2005.
Wake Up / Reminder Call Benefits - simple to use
Easy to use – Schedule wake up calls and reminders with our online interface. Sign up now to get started.
Snoozester Wake Up Service in the Media Snoozester Wake Up Service in the Media

Snoozester's web-based wake up call service allows you to schedule wake up calls online and receive the calls on your landline or mobile phone. Whether you are a heavy sleeper, suffer from a sleep disorder or simply have trouble waking up early for work or school, you can rely on Snoozester's SecureAwake feature to wake you up every morning. Snoozester wake up calls are packed with other great features including: repeating calls, a snooze button and the fun Snoozester characters. Start using Snoozester wake up calls today and never oversleep again! Snoozester also offers a reminder service to help you keep track of important appointments and events. You can schedule Snoozester phones reminder (reminder calls / reminder text messages) for meetings, due dates, medical appointments, birthdays and anniversaries as well as every day tasks like picking up the kids from soccer practice. Sign-up for Snoozester and start scheduling reminders today.