Terms of Service


These Terms of Service apply to the Snoozester website and services offered by Snoozester. By visiting Snoozester’s website and/or by using services offered by Snoozester you agree to these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service and/or the Snoozester Privacy Policy, you must discontinue your use of Snoozester immediately. Please note, these Terms of Service may be updated from time to time without notice, you may access the most recent version of this policy anytime by visiting the Snoozester website and clicking on the Terms of Service link.

Nature of the Services Provided

Snoozester neither makes nor implies any warranties, service levels or other guarantees regarding any of the services we offer. The services offered by Snoozester may be changed or discontinued at any time with or without notice. Snoozester's services should not be relied on for any critical purpose. If Snoozester fails to deliver a service or services as expected, you agree to indemnify Snoozester of any damages or claims of wrong-doing. Furthermore, if Snoozester fails to deliver a service or services promised, you agree that Snoozester will not be held liable for any amount greater than cost of the service or services.
You also agree that Snoozester is not, in any way, responsible for any charges by other organizations that result from your usage of Snoozester, including but not limited to charges made by your: fixed-line and mobile phone carrier(s) and internet service provider(s). If you are concerned that your usage of Snoozester services may result in additional charges from such organizations, please contact them for more information.

Improper Use of Services

You may not use Snoozester services to harass, threaten or otherwise abuse others; Snoozester may remove your account at any time if you we suspect that you are doing so. If you wish to contact others using Snoozester services, you must have their permission to do so.

Communication from Snoozester

Snoozester may and most likely will attempt to contact you regarding: your Snoozester account, changes to Snoozester services, Snoozester service outages and other matters deemed important by Snoozester. You may not opt out of this communication so long as you maintain a Snoozester account. You may, however, opt out of general promotional emails during the sign-up process or by logging in to your Snoozester account and updating your account settings. For more information regarding Snoozester’s use of your contact information as well as your other personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Snoozester Characters

The Snoozester Characters are entirely fictional and are not in any way intended to resemble or otherwise impersonate any real person or persons. The Snoozester Characters are also not intended to mock, insult or reflect bias for or against any particular nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other group of people.