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Snoozester's Reminder Phone Calls and Reminder Text Messages help you stay on top of your day.

Schedule online and receive Snoozester reminders on any phone (even landlines). Nothing to download or install.
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Reminder Call - productivity   Boost productivity
Use reminders for everyday tasks and appointments.
Reminder Call - flight   Travel stress-free
Schedule reminders for flights and activities.
Reminder Call - wake up early for work   Be a hero at work
Show up to every meeting on-time and beat every deadline.
Reminder Call - improve grades   Improve grades at school
Set reminders for exams, due dates and group meetings.
Reminder Text Message- remember birthdays   Build better relationships
Never forget another birthday or anniversary.
Reminder Phone Calls - Get in shape   Get in shape
Create motivational reminders for exercise.
Reminder Phone Calls - Medicine Reminders   Stay healthy
Make sure you never miss a dose with Medicine Reminders.
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Text Message or Phone Call


Phone Reminder Benefit - Easy of use Easy to use
Nothing to download or install. Schedule your reminders with our online interface.
Phone Reminder Benefit - customizable Completely customizable
What do you want to be reminded about? Type in the text of your reminder and we will remind you.
Phone Reminder Benefit - Any Phone Works with any phone
You can receive Snoozester Reminder Calls on both landline and mobile phones.
Reminder Phone Call, text Message - Call or Text Delivery options
Snoozester lets you schedule both reminder calls and text messages.
Reminder Phone Call, text Message - your schedule Fits your schedule
Schedule one-time reminders and repeating reminders with detailed recurrence options.
Reminder Phone Call, text Message - Snoozeable Snoozeable
In the middle of something? You can snooze your reminder call for ten minutes.
Reminder Phone Call, text Message - Wake Up Calls Wake up calls
Sign up for a free account and you will also have access schedule Wake Up Calls.
Reminder Call, Reminder Text Scheduling
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Snoozester has delivered millions of scheduled reminders and wake up calls to our satisfied customers since 2005.

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  • " I like the fact that Snoozester is reliable...every scheduled call has been delivered so far."

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