UNCP Wake Up Call / Reminder Service


Great news! University of North Carolina at Pembroke now offers a free wake up call / reminder service to students. A wake up call is a scheduled telephone call that helps you wake up on time. You can schedule a wake up call online, and then receive your wake up call on your landline phone or mobile phone. A reminder call works just like a wake up call, but you can customize the content of the call (i.e. “reminder, I have a bio exam this Friday”). Keep reading to learn more...

How do I start using the system?  

If you are a registered student, you should already have an account in the system. Click on the button below to have your password emailed to your campus email address.

Your login alias is your UNCP Email Address.

Already have your login information?  

How does the Wake Up / Reminder Call Service work?  

You can schedule your calls with the easy to use online, interface anytime, anywhere. You don't have to download any special programs or plug-ins to schedule calls. You can receive calls on your landline or mobile phone number (U.S. and Canada only).

You can schedule a one time wake up call to help you get up for an early day or a repeating call to wake you up for work or class.

Wake up calls can be “snoozed” for ten minutes by answering the call and pressing the [2] key on the telephone keypad.

Each wake up call can be scheduled as EasyAwake (for light sleepers) or SecureAwake (for heavy sleepers). EasyAwake calls will only be attempted once; SecureAwake calls will be attempted up to three times, every five minutes unless the phone is answered and the [1] key on the telephone keypad is pressed.

When you schedule a reminder call, you will be prompted to type in a short text message, such as "Term paper due by midnight" or "Dentist appointment tomorrow at 8:00." When you receive your Snoozester Reminder Call, the message will be played back to you over the telephone.

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