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Wake Up On Time
Snoozester provides hotel-style Wake Up Calls. You can schedule your calls online and receive them on your mobile or landline phone. Nothing to download or install. It's that simple!


  Stop oversleeping
Wake up with Snoozester's exclusive SecureAwake technology.
  Make time for a morning routine
Stop skipping breakfast or your morning workout.
  Get to work / school on-time
Tackle tardiness with daily wake up calls.
  Set it and forget it
Never worry if you remembered to set the alarm.
  Never miss an early morning flight
Schedule a one-time wake up call for every flight.


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Easy to use
Nothing to download or install. Schedule wake up calls with our online interface.
You can schedule both one-time and repeating wake up calls.
Works with any phone
You can receive Snoozester Wake Up Calls on both landline and mobile phones.
Designed for heavy sleepers
SecureAwake (a Snoozester exclusive) will call you every few minutes until you answer and indicate that you are awake.
You never need to worry about forgetting to set the alarm or the power going out again.
You can Snooze your Snoozester Wake Up Call for ten minutes.
Every call comes with your choice of Snoozester character.
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Meet the Snoozester Characters

Lisa Max Harbajan
Captain Snooze Sgt. Snoozester Lucky Patrick
Clarisse Snooze-O-Matic Master Hitoshi
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Snoozester has delivered millions of scheduled wake up calls and reminders to our satisfied customers since 2005.

Customer Feedback
  • " I've been looking for a good solution like this for some time. No program for computers does this without having to leave it running, no cell phone (including smartphone programs) that I've found has a decent way of providing this service."

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