Meet the Snoozester Characters

Snoozester characters are the fun voices that greet you when you answer a Snoozester wake up call. Each character has a unique personality and a different set of voice prompts.
The Snooze-O-Matic 3000 is the latest generation of Snoozetronics line of fully automated wake-up call robots. The first generation of Snooze-O-Matic robots was developed by the Soviets in the Cold War as part of a plan to ensure that everyone behind the iron curtain woke up at the exact same time. The Snooze-O-Matic 3000 is capable of making multiple simultaneous calls, and also offers advanced features like call snoozing and SecureAwake.
The Snooze-O-Matic 3000
Name: Snooze-O-Matic 3000
Gender: N/A
Age: 00011110
Place of Birth: Snoozenaya Robotics Factory
Norilsk, Russian Federation
Height: 2.0112358 meters
Weight: 155.53 kg