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The Sleepyhead Index (by MSA)



Snoozester Labs publishes two reports, The Snoozester Sleepyhead Index and the Wake Up Time Report This Snoozester SleepyHead Index report is based on aggregate data gathered by Snoozester from the 2,500,000 most recent wake up calls delivered by


The Snoozester Sleepyhead Index ranks areas within the United States based on their propensity to snooze. Every Snoozester wake up call includes the option to snooze – it works just like the snooze button on a traditional alarm clock. If the recipient of a Snoozester wake up call needs a few more minutes of shut-eye, they can press the snooze button to have Snoozester call back in 10 minutes.


Snoozester calculates the Sleepyhead Index by tracking the percentage of calls snoozed against the total number of wake up calls answered for a given area. Rank '1' identifies the area with the most 'Sleepyhead' factor (indicating the highest ratio of snoozes per wake up call).

Snoozester Sleepyhead Index by Metro Area (MSA) - Top 25

This index is also available by State

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Founded in 2005, Snoozester is a leading provider of technology-driven notifications services for both businesses and individuals. provides hotel-style wake up calls and convenient reminders allowing users to schedule calls online and receive them on any landline or mobile phone. Snoozester has also partnered with Universities to make the service available at no charge to their students.